We are proud to offer senior clinics at CVC for both your dogs and cats. Ageing can show in many different ways, and did you know that dogs can be considered senior from around eight years of age, and for cats from 11 years?

​The changes can be subtle. A slight change in how readily they can get up from lying down, or jumping into the car or onto surfaces, sleeping more, coat changes and/or changes in grooming habits. The most common problem we see in our patients is joint stiffness relating to osteoarthritis – this can exhibit itself in the ways mentioned above – but also in increased grumpiness if a touch takes your pet by surprise, or it you touch over a sore area. There are a number of options we can use to assist and relieve any discomfort.

As part of our senior clinics, we offer a routine health check, relevant blood sample, and also a urine sample to check organ functions. We can run these tests in practice, so can usually give you the results on the same day.

​If you have any concerns relating to your pets that may be age related, give us a ring and get them booked in for a thorough check over. It is always best to identify problems early, as it gives us a much better chance to make a positive difference to your little one’s prognosis.