Obesity is a growing concern among our pet population. We provide encouragement and monitoring as well as dietary advice for this and other nutritional problems your pet may encounter.

​Contact our nursing team for an appointment at Pet Fit Club to discuss your pet’s diet on 02920 869928.

Like humans, some pets do become overweight and although prevention is better than cure, we can help and support you and your pet through their weight loss journey.

​We hold Pet Fit Club clinics where our nurses will weigh your pet and take measurements as their starting point. We advise diets to help with weight loss and ask you to keep a diary of any extra food given. Then, with regular monthly clinics we can monitor changes and guide you to implement a new healthy feeding regime to give your pets a better quality of life.

​Like us, overweight pets can be more susceptible to other health issues such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. They exercise less, which in turn adds to the cycle of gaining weight. Some also eat due to habit, boredom or just the ease of the food being available all day.

​We can break the cycle by offering healthy food, advising you on low calorie treats and also puzzle feeders to get your pets moving. Hiding their food in different places every day means they have to hunt’for it. It’s a game that most pets adapt to very quickly!

Wild animals do not have food served to them in bowls, they have to work to find it. They use their noses and that provides huge mental stimulation. If they can’t find food, they will not eat, so they have to be good at it.

​Both cats and dogs can benefit from puzzle feeders, whether that is a treat ball – not filled with treats but with their ration of daily dried food – or a puzzle feeder where they have to work out how to get the food out. You can be creative with it too! We encourage all family members to get involved and help.

​Pet Fit Club has seen some fantastic results and once your pet starts to lose weight, they become more active which also helps with the weight loss. This in turn can reduce risks of weight related illness.

​We also recommend a weight maintenance diet once your pet has achieved their goals to keep them in their best shape. 

​If you have concerns about your pets weight, call us today to join Pet Fit Club. Your pet will thank you for it!