Our team of Registered Veterinary Nurses provide clinics dedicated to helping you keep your pet fit and healthy. 

They are trained to carry out procedures, provide advice, support and preventative treatment. Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure!

Our nurses are qualified and highly experienced through a range of topics. However, they are not able to diagnose medical problems, so they will always refer you to the vet if necessary.  

If you would like to speak to one of our nurses please call to arrange an appointment. Below are some examples of clinics we run.

Pet Fit Club

These are weight clinics that help your pet maintain a healthy weight. We can offer the best advice if your pet is overweight or underweight. 

Managing weight issues can be challenging and vary between patients so we offer a tailor-made diet plan with regular appointments for weight and measurement checks to find what works best for your pet. 

Pets becoming overweight is an increasing problem. Being overweight can affect your pet’s health and increases risk of diseases such as:

-    Diabetes

-    Joint, bone and ligament damage

-    Heart disease

-    Tumours

-    Liver disease

-    Respiratory disease

-    Urinary diseases

Pets who maintain an ideal weight will live happier and longer lives.

Puppy And Kitten Clinics

Our nurses love welcoming your new arrivals! 

They can offer plenty of cuddles and TLC alongside advice on helping your new pet settle in, training, behaviour, diet or other concerns or questions you may have. They will also monitor your pet’s growth and general wellbeing.

These clinics also help your pet get used to being at the vets, and having their paws, ears and teeth checked, making it a positive experience for any future visits. 

Dental Clinics

Keeping your pet’s teeth in good condition is vital for reducing dental disease and associated costs for cleaning or removing damaged teeth. 

Learn how to brush your pets teeth, the best products to use and alternative ways to maintain your pets teeth. 

Senior Pet Clinic

As pets age they are more prone to health problems – just like us.

 So as your pets get older we like them to have regular checks. The sooner we can detect any problems the more we can do to help. 

Our clinics are for cats and dogs over the age of seven, and focus on discussing diet, habits and behaviour, as seemingly small changes can be early warning signs of liver or kidney disease and arthritis, all of which are common in older pets. 

We want to make sure your pets live as comfortably and as long as possible. Our nursing team understand aging pets can be a worry but can help you with these difficult times. 

Other Services

Our nurses also provide the following treatments which are charged, but at a reduced price than with the vet:
-    Nail Clipping

-    Microchipping

-    Dressing/Bandage changes

-    Blood pressure checks

-    Tick removal

-    Anal gland emptying

-    Flea and worming

-    Ear cleaning/plucking