Here at Caerphilly, we have worked hard to ensure that all cats who visit us, whether for a consultation, medical treatment or surgery, are seen in dedicated cat-only areas of the clinic.

​Our cat only waiting room is relaxing, spacious and quiet – the purrfect recipe for reducing stress levels in both cats and their owners. We have purpose-built cat cubes where cat carriers can be placed off the floor so that cats can observe what is going on but not feel threatened or exposed. For those more timid cats visiting us, we also have towels sprayed with Feliway which can be placed over their carriers until their appointment. This extra step can help to make the carrier feel more private and safe as Feliway has a great calming effect.

​The cat-only consultation room is designed to allow cats to relax while exploring if they choose to do so. It is equipped with climbing shelves for those cats who prefer to watch proceedings from a vantage point and we always have a Feliway plugged in for added stress relief. While your vet or nurse is discussing your cat’s reason for coming to us, we allow them to get used to the room. Kittens particularly love the climbing shelves which is a great way to introduce them to their first vet visit. Future visits to us are likely to be a positive experience for them if their first visit is. All of our consultations are 15 minutes to enable us to discuss and plan with you without feeling rushed.

​We have a dedicated cat ward for medical and surgical cases. Each cat cubicle is glass fronted with no bars, so they feel less like a cage and so that we can observe our feline patients without disturbing them, if required. Our cubicles are large enough for everything your cat may need for their stay, including litter trays, food and water bowls and internal shelves which provide somewhere to climb or hide. 

​All our facilities are approved by the international Society of Feline Medicine at gold standard level.