Nutrition Advice

We can advise on any dietary or weight issues your pet may be having, throughout their life.

What do I feed my dog or cat?

This is probably the most important decision you are going to make for your new member of the family.

It is essential to feed the correct diet for the stage of growth your puppy or kitten is at.

We recommend our Vetcomplex life stage diets, and offer a free bag of Vetcomplex Baby Dog Food or Baby Cat Food with your vaccination package.

Vetcomplex is a high-quality, scientifically advanced range of nutritional pet food products, formulated by veterinary surgeons and nutritionists, tailored to the specific health and life stage requirements of your pet

The benefits of feeding Vetcomplex life stage diets

Protein source is a human grade meat
Highly digestible so good for young tummies
Smaller stools due to high digestible content
Assists weight management
All ingredients cooked separately to maintain quality – like a Sunday dinner!
Money back guarantee if your pet doesn’t like it
Cheaper than Hills and Royal Canin but with equal if not better quality

Individual diets have the following benefits

Baby dog or cat
High energy density for growth – with high quality animal protein
Low starch content – helps promote good digestive tolerance when changing from milk diet
Rich in essential fatty acids for nerve and brain development
Balanced mineral content for healthy bone and teeth development
Higher taurine content for kittens – important for eye, brain and heart development
Betaglucan for enhanced immune system

Junior dog or cat
High but not excessive energy for correct stage of growth
Betaglucan for reinforced immunity
Passion flower and valerian for enhanced learning in an important stage of training
Stimulated digestion – clay protecting the lining of the intestine, good stool formation and protection from infection and inflammation
Weight regulation – L carnitine assists the metabolism of fatty acids preventing excess weight gain

Adult dog or neutered adult cat
High quality animal protein and human grade fats, balanced with optimal calorie content – high palatability promoting lean muscle mass
Vitamin E and selenium – an antioxidant that helps prevent cell ageing
Chondroitin sulphate and Chitosan – to help support joint health
Controlled urinary PH
Prebiotics assist development of friendly gut bacteria

Senior dog or cat

Lower energy density, reduces weight gain during ageing
Vitamin E and selenium – an antioxidant that helps prevent cell ageing
Chondroitin sulphate and chitosan – for healthy joints
Ginkgo Biloba – helps support cognitive function
Low phosphorus – helps protect the kidneys
Low sodium – helps protect cardiovascular function
Controlled urinary PH
Supplements for vision support

It is always important to transition to a new diet over a 10 day period. Please ask our nurses and reception staff for advice

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