Pet Fit Club

Obesity can affect our pets too.

         Caerphilly Vets' Pet Fit ClubCaerphilly Vets' Pet Fit Club

Excess weight can cause many problems for our pets; joint pain, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes. So it makes sense to keep them in their best possible condition to prevent any of these. We know it can be difficult to reduce your pets’ weight, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Why not book your pet into one of our FREE Pet Fit Club sessions if you are concerned that your pet may be overweight? They are held every Tuesday at 6pm and one of our experienced nurses will offer advice and information about how to help your pet reach a healthier condition. We have diets and tips to take the stress out of weight loss, so that your pet can achieve goals and results to keep you both motivated. If you are unable to attend the Tuesday evening classes, you can book in when it is suitable, just be sure to book with the same Nurse for each follow up Clinic because they take measurements of each pet in addition to weighing them. Progress will be recorded to ensure the weight loss is at a steady pace and as you start to see results on the scales, you should also see results in increased activity levels of your pet.  This in turn, has a great effect on their weight loss too!

Phone 02920 869928 or email to book an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.