Pre-operative Instructions

An appointment has been made for your pet to have an operation or procedure under a general anaesthetic or sedation.

Overnight starvation is important. Please ensure that your pet has no food after midnight the night before the operation. Water can be left available until no later than 7am on the morning of the operation.

It is advisable to keep cats indoors the night before an operation, to prevent the catching and eating of prey. If it is difficult, please contact the surgery and we will be able to admit your cat the night before, if necessary.

Admission to the surgery is between 8am and 8:45am on the day of the operation. Please ensure that your pet is brought to the surgery before 9am as, once consultations and operation have begun, it may be difficult to give you and your pet the required attention on admit.

If your pet is 7 years or older, you will be offered a blood test on admission. This test is recommended to check your pet’s liver and kidney function prior to the anaesthetic. It is very useful if you can collect a urine sample to bring along with you.

A contact number at which a family member can be contacted during the day is essential for all operations. There may be decisions relating to your pet’s treatment which we will need you to make during the course of the day. Please be available to discuss these.

You will be advised on admission of the best time to telephone for information – usually after 2pm.

When your pet is ready to go home, an appointment will be made for you to see a nurse or veterinary surgeon (depending on the nature of the operation). On occasion, it may be necessary for us to make a veterinary appointment within a few days. This would be if:

  1. a) a particular vet was unavailable.
  2. b) test results required further review or investigation.
  3. c) we need to check your pet following a particular treatment.

A thorough discussion will be available at follow-up appointments.