Pet Retail

Pet Products and Supplies

We provide a large range of pet products, including eco-friendly and natural food, toys and treats. Why not try an Antler for your dog to chew? They keep dogs busy for hours. Our eco-friendly toys are just as robust as any other brand.






retail-groomingOr choose from our range of grooming products to keep your pets coat in great condition. We stock various combs and brushes for even the most unmanageable coats! Grooming your pet is a great way to spend quality time with them, they benefit from the grooming itself and the attention and time taken to do it.

As animals get older, they may be unable to groom as effectively as they used to, so giving them a helping hand at keeping their coats in shape can be very rewarding.

Older pets’ nails also need attention; they don’t wear them down as well as a younger animal and we stock a large range of nail clippers to help you keep long nails under control.



retail-puzzle-feeders-2We also have toys and puzzles to provide mental stimulation to prevent your pets becoming bored, along with scratching posts, radiator beds, water fountains and puzzle feeders to enrich their home environment.

Puzzle feeders are great for busy pets. The ones who need to be doing something at all times! They are also beneficial for those who gulp their food too quickly! Cats and dogs are naturally curious and have a very keen sense of smell, so giving them a challenge at meal times can be incredibly rewarding.

Scratching posts are perfect for our Feline friends, to give them something appropriate to scratch and also somewhere to survey the land. Cats love to have vantage points up high where they can observe everything while feeling secure.



If you’re training a puppy or adult dog, we have everything you need to help it go well. Whether you want them to walk on a lead with manners or you’re training them to understand many different commands, we have products to make your life easier. Combining training aids with puppy clinics can ensure you see great results.

We are aware that some dogs and cats do develop problem behaviours, but you don’t have to deal with them alone. We have experienced Vets and Nurses who can give you excellent and relevant advice about methods to help to change or prevent problems. We can discuss issues with you during consults or clinics and equip you with the tools you need to make positive progress.

We also supply everything you need to travel safely with your pets. Cat carriers and car harnesses put your pets’ safety first.

Another aspect of training which we can help with is noise phobias. Dogs in particular can become upset and stressed during Firework season, however, there are solutions to help you and them deal with the phobia safely. Planning is essential, so you can begin the process of desensitisation many months before the expected event. Our Vets and Nurses are more than happy to help.


retail stress pheromones

Pets can also become easily stressed during lifestyle changes; moving home, the arrival of a new baby or pet, new neighbours, during home improvements, grief. The list is endless! Thankfully, we can provide some very quick solutions to help them cope and improve their day to day life.


We also stock Pet Odour Eliminator candles. Beautiful scents which eliminate unwanted odours, and they look great too!

If we don’t have what you want in stock, we will try our best to order it in for you – please ask for details, or send an email to the reception team on