Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes

Diabetes is common in dogs and cats


Diabetes is a serious and potentially life threatening disease and it is affecting more and more cats and dogs in the UK. Early symptoms can be weight loss, lethargy and drinking more.

It is estimated that today, as many as 1 in 200 pets suffer from the disease. Like human diabetes, pet diabetes is often associated with weight gain and being less active, and older pets are more at risk. Any pet can develop diabetes at any age however some pets are more likely to be affected than others.

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It is vital to treat your pet if they have diabetes as if left untreated, it can cause serious illness and even premature death.

The good news is that diabetes can usually be easily diagnosed starting with a simple urine test and once diagnosed, the condition can be managed with appropriate treatment.

If your pet is drinking or urinating more than normal please book an appointment with one of our Vets and please try and bring a urine sample. – We have urine collection kits at the surgery to make this job a little easier for both dogs and cats

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