New Kitten

Kitten Pack at Caerphilly VetsCongratulations… a lovely, new kitten has become part of your family!

We are always available to answer your questions, but here is some advice on the basics:

See our Kitten Pack information here


 Kitten vaccinations are given at 9 and 12 weeks old.

We can vaccinate against cat flu, feline enteritis and feline leukaemia virus. Your requirements will be discussed with you at your appointment. There is no vaccination against the feline aids virus yet but it will be available in the near future.

We offer a free kitten check at monthly intervals following completion of your kitten’s vaccination course. Please ask for your KITTEN CLINIC appointment after second vaccination.

Booster vaccinations are recommended EVERY YEAR to keep your cat healthy. These are free to SCALLYWAGS members.


A free flea treatment will be given to your kitten at first vaccination –  Join our Scallywags discount plan to enjoy ongoing free flea treatment.

Many Flea preparations can’t be used on young kittens, but luckilly the ones that REALLY work can:

Effipro can be used from 8 weeks of age

Effipro Spray can be used from 2 days of age

Prinovox flea and worm treatment treats roundworm and fleas in one spot-on dose

Stronghold spot-on can be used from 6 weeks of age and incorporates treatment for roundworms and ear mites.

Comfortis is a monthly tablet.

Fleas can also be controlled in cats using AN INJECTION – Program is a 6-monthly injection given at the surgery. This is an excellent way to control your home environment and hence your cat.

Effipro is free to SCALLYWAGS members. Other treatments are subsidised.


 Worming is advised every 2 weeks until your kitten is 12 weeks old, and then monthly until your kitten is 6 months old. Worming is   advised every 3 months for adult cats.

We recommend:

Milpro or Panacur for worming which are available in different formulations.

Profender Spot – ons are also available at the surgery if your can is particularly difficult to worm.

Worm treatment is free if you are a SCALLYWAGS member.


An IDENTICHIP can be implanted at any age. Ofter this is done at your second vaccination appointment, neutering, or Kiten Clinic. Cats are inquisitive animals and young cats particularly can venture a little further from home that intended. The fitting of an identichip helps to return them safely home, as soon as possible.

If you join our SCALLYWAGS discount plan, it will be free!


This is called Spaying for females and Castration for males. Neutering is recommended from 4 months. Discuss any questions you might have at your Kitten Clinic appointment.

All kittens receive 10% off neutering when you take up the Kitten Pack.

SCALLYWAGS members get 10% off neutering.


Specially developed food is available from our clinic. These are dry, complete diets which are designed specifically for your cat’s requirements, i.e. growth, maintenance, light and senior diets. We can also recommend diets to help you look after your cat’s teeth.

SCALLYWAGS members get 10% off food.


Insurance is always a good idea to allow for the unexpected – particularly as advancement in veterinary medicine often means we can offer more in the way of treatment option for your pets’ accidents and illnesses.


Dental care is important to cats and it is never too early to start looking after your cat’s teeth. An oral care diet is available to do the job for you whilst feeding your pet a good quality balanced cat food. In addition, dental gels can be used. Please discuss the best option for your kitten at the clinic. We also have a Nurse available for Dental Clinics, to advise and demonstrate how to keep your pets’ mouth healthy.

Book your free dental consultation or join our Scallywags discount plan and receive 6-monthly healthchecks for your growing cat , with a 50% discount off any dental treatments that your cat may require