Neutering your puppy


Neutering for bitches is known as Spaying. This involves a full ovarohysterectomy, which basically means removing the ovaries and uterus completely.

The removal of her ovaries prevents your bitch having unwanted seasons through her life by stopping the production of hormones which control the cycles.

The removal of her uterus  prevents your bitch having serious uterine infections later in life – also known as pyometra.

We advise bitches are spayed before having their first season for the following reasons:

  1. The uterus is less developed and hence the operation is more routine.
  2. The risk of mammary cancers in later life is significantly reduced.
  3. Life threatening infections of the uterus are prevented.
  4. The inconvenience of the bitch being in season is avoided, as are unwanted puppies.



Neutering for male dogs is also known as Castration. This involves removal of the testicles completely. The benefit of this involves the removal of circulating male hormones which are produced in the testicles. He will therefore be less interested in bitches in season and benefit from the reduction in the problems associated with these circulating hormones.

We advise dogs are castrated at a young age:

  1. To prevent wandering – looking for bitches in season
  2. To reduce unsociable male behaviour in the home
  3. To reduce hormone related aggressions, and to aid in training and behaviour modifications
  4. To reduce the incidence of urinary infections and prostate problems later in life.

Male dogs are  neutered from 6 months of age depending on breed – please ask our nurses for advice and book your appointment


Both of the procedures are carried out as day operations. See our page on pre – operation instructions.

There is a 10% discount off neutering for all of our pups who have had a Puppy Pack with us.

Our Scallywags members also receive a 10% discount off neutering.

We carry out procedures for the Dogs Trust and Cats Protection League so if you require additional financial support please contact our Reception.

 Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

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