Mobile Vaccine Service

Vaccination in your own home……..

How often have we heard the saying……

“He or she hates coming to the VET”!!

Well we hear it all the time…. so now we are willing to come to you at home.

When it comes to an emergency or treating sick pet’s it is in their interest to come to us where we have trained staff and our equipment to diagnose and treat all types of problems.

HOWEVER for routine vaccinations in healthy pets why add the stress of the journey …especially for our cats … when we can vaccinate them in your own home.

Just pick a day when we are in your area….. (our visits are determined by Zones) and IT WILL COST JUST £9.99 IN addition to the vaccine cost.

They will still benefit from a full health check, but in the comfort of their own home!

We request that you call the surgery the day before the vaccination to make payment and request any additional products that you would like us to bring e.g. Flea or worm products

Exact times for visits cannot be guaranteed but we will be able to give an estimate on the morning once a route has been worked out for the attending Vet.

Call 02920 869928 to find out when we are in your area