Fleas and Worms



Our trained staff are always available to provide you with the best flea and worming advice.

It is easy to provide your pet with effective flea control, however it is also easy to cause your pet harm by using an inappropriate product.

We supply products that are safe for all pets, from suckling puppies to senior cats and dogs, but it is important to ask for the best advice.

Products can be applied as a SPOT-ON or SPRAY but we also have very effective TABLETS.

(Dogs can have a tablet that will last for 3 months allowing them to be wormed and have a flea treatment every 3 months!! It doesn’t get much easier that that!)

Flea treatment is free with our Scallywags health plan but if you would like to combine it with an added benefit, e.g. lungworm protection then a discount of 40% will be allowed for our Scallywags members.





Your pup’s first worming treatment is provided free at first vaccination.

Join our Scallywags Health Plan to benefit from ongoing free worming treatments

It is important to use a full spectrum wormer for all types of roundworm and tapeworm for your puppy as he/she grows.

Worming is advised every 2 weeks until your puppy is 12 weeks old, and then monthly until your pup is 6 months old. Worming is advised every 3 months for adult dogs. We recommend Milpro or Endoguard for a full spectrum of worming which are available from reception.  Worming is also available in a paste or granule formulation. Please ask for advice.

Worm treatment is free if you are a SCALLYWAGS member.