Firework Fear

The firework season is almost upon us making some cats and dogs unable to relax!

All animals react to Fireworks in different ways. The most common behaviours that you may see are:cover ears

  • Hiding

  • Soiling the house

  • Digging up the carpet

  • Barking incessantly

The run up to the event

Here are a few tips for you, to try and make this firework season as less stressful as possible. It is best to start these a few weeks before the firework season starts.

About 2 weeks before the event:

  • Build a Den for your pet. It is best to build a den in the room where your pet spends most of his time, and where they feel comfortable.

  • Plug in an Adaptil or Felliway diffuser close to the den, or use a spray.

Feliway and Adaptil

  • Make sure that the den is not near any windows.

  • Cover the den with a blanket where appropriate, to muffle the sounds of the fireworks.

  • Provide treats and toys in the den, so that your pet associates this with being a positive place.

  • Allow your pet to access the den freely.

  • For cats, think 3D!!! They feel more comfortable up high.

  • If you have more than one cat, make a den for each of them, plus an extra one.

The night of the event

  • On the night of the event, here are a few more ideas that we recommend, to help your animal get through the fireworks as stress-free as possible.

  • Ignore unusual behaviour, this can include panting, shaking, whining. Pets often pick up on their owners worry, which could make things worse.

  • Make sure that all windows, doors and cat flaps are securely closed. This will reduce the risk of your pet escaping.

  • Provide extra litter trays for cats, if they are not used to being confined in the house.

  • Provide distractions for your pet, e.g. a new toy or a new treat

  • Draw the curtains and put the television on, to dull the noise from the fireworks.

  • Try not to leave your animals on their own whilst the fireworks are going off. Pets will be more relaxed when they have familiar faces around.

  • Do NOT punish your pet. This will only make him or her uneasy.

Walking your dog

During the firework season, it is a good idea to walk your dog in daylight, before the bangs start.

We can help

Ask our staff about the products that can help many cats and dogs during festivities which incorporate firework displays. From natural remedies to anxiety wraps.

Two dogs wearing the Anxiety Wrap dog calming product

For pets that get severely distressed, we recommend seeing the vet, for stronger options.