Dental Care

Dental Care: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!

How healthy is your pet’s mouth…?


Just like us, our pets need regular dental checks and oral hygiene care to keep their mouths clean and healthy. The pictures below show teeth at different stages, what you need to look out for, and actions you can take to prevent further deterioration.


Dental Healthy

Healthy Mouth

No plaque or tartar

Normal breath

Pink firm gums

Your pet can keep their mouth in this great condition with regular checks at our dental clinics and with an appropriate oral hygiene care plan. These can be discussed with our Nurses.




Dental GingivitisGingivitis

Some plaque and tartar build up

Bad breath

Inflammation of the gums


This stage is reversible if you act now. Book an appointment for a free Dental check and advice.




Dental PeridontalPeriodontal Disease

Excessive amounts of tartar

Foul breath

Bleeding and a large amount of inflammation on the gums

Loose teeth

Very painful

Loss of appetite – difficulty eating

In extreme cases, can lead to diseases of major organs such as the heart and kidneys

This stage is irreversible. It can only be prevented from getting worse. Book for a Dental check as soon as possible.



Our Vets and Nurses can provide you with the tools and advice you need to prevent periodontal disease. We always have a large range in stock and they are all simple to use. It can take some patience to begin with if your pet is not used to having their mouth examined, but the rewards for them are huge. Dental disease is a preventable disease so why not take advantage of our free clinics to find out how you can keep your pets mouth in perfect condition.


Dental products


We have a large range of Dental products in both of our buildings, with something to suit every pet.

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